About Us

Glee Box is an activity-based learning box that encourages children to actively participate in their own learning experience through Practical activities such as problem-solving and independent investigation.

For Your Child

The Glee Box Focuses on


Gathering knowledge and acquiring skills through active investigation


Gathering knowledge through experience.


Encouraging kids to express their views through presentation.

Why Glee Box?

Memory retention

When students garner knowledge through experimentation (i.e hand-on activities), they tend to retain that information in their memory. This process of learning through personal experience also helps learners in easily understanding whatever they learn.

Promotes analytical thinking

Activities in Glee Box encourages learners to seek new experiences, develop an interest in learning and strengthen their vocabulary. These actions foster curiosity and critical thinking in students.

Builds social skills

Activity-based learning through Glee Box promotes social development. Students learn by doing tasks independently, which instils a deep sense of responsibility in them. These skills are essential for their future work and social lives.

Experience based learning

Activities in Glee Box are created to promote experience Based learning which aligns the real-world experiences of the child with the subject matter they learn at home. Hence, they are practicing and applying relevant knowledge and skills at all times.

Encourages child to express themselves

Students are encouraged to be creative in their expression in a way they assert their knowledge when they learn through Glee Box’s activity-based learning.

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